Conspiracy IconWhat a strange thing is conspiracy!

Its aura of mystery—often veering into the supernatural—makes it exciting for many people. Other people don’t even believe it exists, even though people are convicted of conspiracy all the time. How are these people any different from flat earthers (who may not really be conspiracy theorists)?

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What Is Conspiracy?

Like you, I was born into a maze of conspiracy that was invisible to me. It became more tangible when I enlisted in the U.S. Navy, when I later went to work for the infamously corrupt Seattle School District, and when I transformed into a political activist. Indeed, I’ve been at the center of some rather amazing conspiracies, and I even plotted my own conspiracy, which was wildly successful.

I’m now working on what I believe is the best book about conspiracy ever written, a virtual conspiracy bible. A portion of that book has already been published as What Is Conspiracy?: More Than a Theory. Some people may find these books, which are more nuts-and-bolts than true crime story or occult, a little boring. But they are an essential foundation for understanding conspiracy and conspiracy theory.

Israeli terrorist-in-chief Benjamin Netanyahu wasn’t kidding when he called Hamas’ surprise October 7 attack another 9/11. See the conspiracies I uncovered with my five-article series, beginning at “Hamas vs Israel.”

In the meantime, rumor has it that I’m working on another book that will overwhelm you with mystery, criminal investigation, and the supernatural. Stay tuned.

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Leaping lizard people! This may be the most sensational conspiracy video ever. Notice how the narrator focuses on simple facts that are easy to verify. But why does he have nothing to say about the Jews who were behind 9/11?

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New to politix?
You’ll never understand politics if you don’t have a clue about conspiracy and Jews, which go hand in hand.
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