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Whether or not this is the best conspiracy website on the Internet is something I haven’t determined yet.

However, there certainly isn’t much competition. Check out conspiracy.com.

After I began plugging my forthcoming book, Conspiracy Science 101, someone bought the domain name conspiracyscience.com, which redirects to conspiracies.skepticproject.com. This appears to be part of an anti-conspiracy campaign run by a mob of Jewish propagandists who call themselves “skeptics.”


But let’s save the JFK assassination, space aliens and the decepticons (i.e. Jews) for later…or not. The coronavirus pandemic changed my plans and led to the publication of my first conspiratorial book: Jew Flu: The Coronavirus Conspiracy.

Jew Flu was published during my campaign for the office of Washington State Governor. It also put me in competition with the Plandemic Express, which is a classic conspiracy.

And so this website was up to its eyeballs in conspiracy the moment it was launched, on June 28, 2020.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t get Conspiracy Science 101 before the end of the year (2020), as I had hoped. But I’m still plugging along, and I’m now shooting for February 2021.

Conspiracy Science
Is the world ready for the first truthful conspiracy mini-encyclopedia?

Stay tuned, and remember – never let anyone lecture you about conspiracy if they can’t even define the term.