Resolved Conspiracy Theories

Countless conspiracy convictions have been made in the courtroom. However, the biggest, most spectacular conspiracies often aren’t even prosecuted. Without an official conviction, some may regard them as unsolved, while others simply believe the mainstream narrative. In some cases, however, a combination of evidence and logic clearly point to other explanations.

The list below is incredibly short. I will add more conspiracy theories as I find time.

Watergate—Illegal surveillance and a series of cover-ups were exposed in the courtroom, torpedoing pResident Richard Nixon’s political career.

JFK AssassinationPartially solved; it was obviously an inside job involving the Jews, but the precise identity of the conspirators and their motives remain a mystery.

9/11Partially solved; a classic false flag attack (aka inside job) with Jews among the conspirators. Though the motives are clear, the precise identity of the chief conspirators and their methods remains a mystery.

Invasion of Afghanistan—Since Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11, it naturally follows that the invasion of Afghanistan was just a scam.

Invasion of Iraq—pResident George W. Bush’s lie about Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction was part of a massive conspiracy that led to the illegal invasion of Iraq and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Assassination of Osama bin Laden—It never happened. Like 9/11, the evidence against it is simply overwhelming.

2020 pResidential Election Hacked by Russians—Ridiculous. Though some foreign nationals may make efforts to influence U.S. elections, they’re wasting their time; U.S. pResidential elections are controlled by the Jews.

Unsolved Conspiracy Theories ˆ

There are countless unsolved conspiracy theories. Some of the more interesting are listed below.

Moon Landing Hoax—Though widely regarded as ridiculous, the extraordinary difficulty the U.S. has experienced in trying to return to the moon, combined with some strange moon rocks, has many people clinging to their skepticism. When the Chinese land on the moon around 2030, they may shed some light on the controversy. The U.S. is supposed to put astronauts on the moon in 2026. Do you think they’ll succeed?

Jeffrey Epstein—The Jeffrey Epstein affair is a virtual tidal wave of conspiracy. Unfortunately, the conspirators wove such a tangled web, it’s virtually impossible to know the truth. Was Epstein murdered, did he commit suicide, or was he secretly released from prison? Was he just a sex criminal, or was he linked to Israel’s Mossad? Was something else going on? Exactly how was he associated with people like Bill Gates, Prince Charles, and Alan Dershowitz?

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