The Missing Website Conspiracy

Are there some very powerful people who are afraid of me? Are they so afraid, they don’t want people to know I exist?

Before you dismiss me as an unhinged conspiracy kook, hear me out. I want you to type “Conspiracy Science” into Google and explore the results.

When I tried it on July 3, 2022, I got 26,700 hits, so I knew my book, Conspiracy Science, and my websites must be in there somewhere. However, I was in for a big surprise …

It turns out Google only listed ten pages of hits. That’s about 100 hits, a helluva long ways from 26,700! And neither my book nor my websites were listed.

Hmmm . . . Shouldn’t a book with the title CONSPIRACY SCIENCE be rather conspicuous with that kind of search?

I have seven conspiracy-related websites, as listed below.

Moreover, I have a whopping sixty websites, and conspiracy is a major topic of discussion on almost all of them. I also have references and links to my conspiracy websites and books on my other sites. And I’m still not finished.

I’ve published a book about conspiracy, What Is Conspiracy? It looks amateurish, because I designed the cover myself, and I didn’t do a great job. No problem; I hired a pro to create a far nicer cover.

So why doesn’t the new cover show up when I upload it on Amazon?

Do you think I’m paranoid? If so, I’m all too happy to play the waiting game. The longer this charade continues, the more obvious it will become. In fact, the traffic on all my websites is growing—in spite of Google’s efforts to suppress it. I now have a spiffy video plugging Conspiracy Science, which I hope to publish later this year (2022).

So check back during the holiday season to find out if I’m still invisible.

If I wrote nonsense about conspiracy and I have sleazy political connections, I might get a book review in the Jew York Times. However, I write the truth, and I do not hang out with trailer park trash.

This little foray into the conspiracy zone is just a reminder that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. It’s also a reminder that we are never far from conspiracy.

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