Anti-Conspiracy Conspiracy

If you do some research on conspiracy, you’ll doubtless come across endless demonization of conspiracy theorists. They are commonly said to have mental problems and are often characterized as wearing tinfoil hats. I’ve seen many articles that explore the workings of their minds, throwing all kinds of medical terms around. Maybe conspiracy theorists are paranoid, schizophenic, or just stressed out.

In fact, the human mind is a complex and fragile thing. Many people are paranoid or schizophrenic, and I can’t imagine who could not be stressed out in these crazy times. I’ve encountered far too many people who spout the kookiest conspiracy theories. I would fear for their sanity if it weren’t too late.

Ironically, many of these people have been pushed over the edge by the very assholes who demonize conspiracy theory. A lifetime of propaganda can rot anyone’s brain.

Just remember that there’s nothing “mental” about thinking or asking questions. The people we should worry about are the ones who are too stupid to believe in conspiracy, the ones who trust in the government, Facebook, and Bill Gates.

In the meantime, my forthcoming book Conspiracy Science will feature lots of discussion about the tactics used by anti-conspiracy propagandists.

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