Conspiracy Quotas

Many people say they don’t believe in conspiracy, which is kind of like saying they don’t believe in gravity. Others concede that conspiracy is real, but they place often absurd limitations on it. In their view, conspiracies can’t be too big, complex, or evil, and the conspirators can’t be too evil . . . unless they’re Nazis or Muslims. The U.S. government and the Jews that control it could never do anything really evil.

It is logical to assume that conspiracies that are big, complex, and destructive are less common than more mundane conspiracies, like two boys conspiring to steal another boy’s bicycle. We can also assume that conspiracies are constrained by the laws of physics, or science. In that spirit, we can dismiss claims that earthquakes are caused by HAARP, because we don’t have the technology to create anything but really small, shallow earthquakes.

However, you do not want to underestimate conspiracies or conspirators. Let’s take a closer look at mega-conspiracies.

Magnitude ˆ

Propagandists often claim that conspiracies almost never succeed because people (including conspirators) can’t keep secrets. Moreover, big, spectacular conspiracies are said to involve sometimes huge numbers of conspirators.

For example, there were reportedly more than 400,000 people working for NASA during the first Apollo moon landing. Therefore, reason the propagandists, more than 400,000 people would have known about a conspiracy.

This claim is utterly stupid. In fact, conspiracies are hierarchical. When military officers plot strategy during war time, do they share the details with the rank and file? Of course not! A handful of high-ranking generals or admirals may start the process, carefully sharing certain details with appropriate personnel. For example, if they’re planning an attack that requires 100,000 gallons of fuel, they may communicate with personnel who work with fuel:

“We may launch an attack within the next couple weeks. Would you be able to provide us with 100,000 gallons of fuel?”

Or, better yet, don’t even mention an attack. Just ask them if they can have 100,000 gallons of fuel available.

Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” -- attributed to the Jewish Secretay of State Henry Kissinger.

As the conspiracy is fleshed out, lower ranking officers may be given a few details to help them get prepared. As the day of the attack draws near, soldiers and sailors may be told to start getting prepared for action. Curious and perhaps a little scared, they may start whispering conspiracy theories as they try to guess what lies ahead.

Atomic testThe human guinea pigs pictured above knew in advance that they would witness an atomic explosion in Nevada. However, the full extent of the health risks associated with radiation exposure was not fully understood or communicated at the time. Many of the observers and participants suffered health problems following the tests.

So, how big can a conspiracy be? The 9/11 terrorist attacks were pretty sensational, but that was actually a tiny conspiracy in some respects. Few would compare it to the bombing of Dresden, Germany, or Tokyo, Hiroshima, or Nagasaki, Japan, all of which were very conspiratorial. A dizzying variety of conspiracies were swirling around WWII itself. In short, no one really knows how big a conspiracy can be or what the biggest conspiracy was.

Frequency ˆ

After reading the work of some propagandists, one might conclude that the only authentic conspiracy in history was Watergate. In fact, conspiracies are insanely common.

To put it in perspective, think about corruption, which is today rampant in just about every institution in the U.S. Corrupt people don’t usually do their plotting in public. They do it in secret, making it conspiratorial. When they do meet with the public, corrupt people frequently lie, another thing that is typically conspiratorial.

Conspiracy is the handmaiden of corruption.

To cut to the chase, the word conspiracy is almost synonymous with corruption. To drive this point home, I like to describe conspiracy as the handmaiden of corruption.

Forget the federal government; there may be multiple conspiracies playing out in your work place on any given day. I even coined the term serial conspiracy to describe conspiracies that repeat themselves at regular intervals. Examples include (s)elections and the media. Virtually every issue of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or Seattle Times is a conspiracy clusterfuck.

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