No one hates conspiracy theory more than the Jews. So great is their hatred for conspiracy theory and free speech, some Jews have even conspired to overhaul the First Amendment.

The obvious reason Jews hate conspiracy theory is the fact that they are all too often the subject of such theories, which they often describe as “antisemitic canards.” Even as they feverishly engage in conspiracy denial, the Jews are brainstorming conspiracies.

Does that sound a little racist or unhinged? Let’s look at it logically . . .

Anyone can engage in conspiracy, including ordinary citizens and even children. However, people who have more power are generally able to orchestrate bigger, more complex conspiracies. Their conspiracies are also more likely to succeed, and they are more likely to avoid punishment if they don’t succeed.

No other group of people has as much power as the Jews. Many people believe they control the global economy, the media, and the governments of many countries. Jews virtually invented modern gambling and pornography. From David Sassoon’s Opium wars to the Sackler family’s opioid crisis, they are the biggest drug lords.

The Jews have profited from, financed, and started countless wars. Many people believe the Jews started both world wars, which led to the creation of Israel, along with a generation of Jews collecting Holocaust welfare for the rest of their wretched lives.

If you’ve been brainwashed into believing the Jews are God’s chosen people, they’re innocent lambs that have been unfairly persecuted for 2,000 years, or it’s simply wrong to criticize Jews, you’re never going to understand conspiracy science. If you want to learn the truth about the Jews, visit my website Jewarchy.

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