Mind Control

Mind control, which includes propaganda, is a part of life that affects all of us from cradle to grave. It is effectively one big conspiracy.

Mind Control

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to understand conspiracy, or other aspects of political science, without understanding mind control. That includes probing your own mind.

In my opinion, the vast majority of U.S. citizens are mentally impaired to some degree. I certainly was. I’ve spent years trying to purge my mind of the stupid beliefs that were planted in it when I was young. I now feel that I have my head screwed on straight, as they say, but I recognize the fact that the mind is inherently flawed. No one can ever have a mind that functions perfectly.

And so, we must make an effort to think rationally, always being vigilant for both internal and external factors that might impede our thinking. That includes an army of propagandists that want people to believe that believing in conspiracy is a mental aberration. I have more to say about these dishonest assholes in “Anti-Conspiracy Conspiracy.”

I have several websites that focus on the mind, notably iThink, PoliPsyPhi, Dark Psychology, Psychix, and Fallacy Pro.

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