World War True

Thousands of years ago, humans began to multiply. Eventually, they became so numerous that they were able to form armies. Since then, people have fought countless wars.


The biggest, most destructive war ever was World War II. Like most wars, it has been distorted by generations of propagandists. As they say, history is written by the victor.

But why does it matter when WWII is history? It ended over half a century ago, even if there are still Jews who claim to be “Holocaust survivors” that are collecting Holocaust welfare.

It matters partly because WWII shaped the world we live in today. You will never be able to understand the world around you if you believe the fairy tale version of WWII fabricated by the Jews.

In addition, the mainstream narrative functions as a mental roadblock. Most people would probably look over their shoulders before saying the words “Adolf Hitler.” Saying anything nice about Hitler could ruin one’s career or reputation. Even Asian people are criticized for displaying the swastika, a revered symbol that has roots far deeper than WWII.

Then there’s the Holocaust, which the Jews have turned into a virtual religion. Not only are you required to believe in the Holocaust, you must also accept every detail of their mainstream narrative. Asking questions about the Holocaust can even get people imprisoned in some countries. What kind of democracy or historical science is that?!

To put it in perspective, wars are conspiratorial in nature, with both sides plotting to defeat the other. When a war ends, the conspiracy continues as both sides write narratives that make them look good and their opponents bad.

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