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This is what ChatGPT has to say about conspiracy in Equatorial Guinea:

Equatorial Guinea, a small Central African country with significant oil reserves, has been subject to various conspiracy theories, although these may not be as widespread or well-documented as those involving larger nations. Some of the conspiracy theories associated with Equatorial Guinea include:

  1. Resource Exploitation and Corruption:

    • Conspiracy: Equatorial Guinea’s significant oil wealth has led to claims of exploitation and corruption involving the government and multinational oil companies.
    • Details: Allegations of secret agreements, kickbacks, and mismanagement of oil revenues by government officials may fuel narratives of hidden agendas and backroom deals. While Equatorial Guinea has experienced economic growth due to its oil industry, concerns remain about transparency and accountability in resource management.
  2. Authoritarian Rule and Political Repression:

    • Conspiracy: Equatorial Guinea has been ruled by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo since 1979, leading to claims of authoritarianism and political repression.
    • Details: Allegations of electoral fraud, human rights abuses, and suppression of dissent may fuel narratives of hidden agendas and manipulation to maintain power. International human rights organizations have criticized the government’s record on democracy and human rights.
  3. Dynastic Succession and Family Rule:

    • Conspiracy: Equatorial Guinea’s president, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, has faced accusations of grooming family members for succession, leading to claims of dynastic rule.
    • Details: Allegations of nepotism, favoritism, and consolidation of power within the president’s family may fuel narratives of hidden agendas and manipulation of succession plans. Critics argue that this undermines democratic principles and perpetuates a cycle of authoritarian rule.
  4. Foreign Influence and Geopolitical Rivalries:

    • Conspiracy: Equatorial Guinea’s relationships with global powers, particularly its oil partnerships with Western countries and China, have led to claims of hidden agendas and neocolonialism.
    • Details: Allegations of secret agreements, military cooperation, and economic investments by foreign powers, as well as suspicions of espionage and intelligence operations, may fuel narratives of foreign interference. However, concrete evidence of such conspiracies may be challenging to substantiate.
  5. Economic Disparities and Social Inequality:

    • Conspiracy: Despite its oil wealth, Equatorial Guinea has high levels of poverty and inequality, leading to claims of economic manipulation and exploitation by the ruling elite.
    • Details: Allegations of unequal distribution of wealth, lack of investment in social services, and limited economic opportunities for the general population may fuel narratives of hidden agendas and neglect by the government. Critics argue that the government prioritizes the interests of the ruling elite over the welfare of its citizens.

It’s important to approach conspiracy theories with critical thinking and skepticism, especially when they lack credible evidence. While Equatorial Guinea, like any country, may face genuine challenges and controversies, attributing them to conspiracies without robust evidence can obscure genuine understanding and solutions.

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East vs West, or China vs The Jews

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BRI: Member of China’s belt and road initiative.
Home to no U.S. military bases.
Not one of the 18 wacko countries where “Holocaust denial”—whatever that is—is illegal.
Not one of the 50 countries with a Jewish Holocaust museum or memorial.
Equatorial Guinea is not among the three dozen countries that recognize a Holocaust Remembrance Day.
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Jewish Population (2020): 0

Jewish Bankers: Belongs to the International Monetary Fund and/or the World Bank, making it a slave to the Jewish bankers.
Recognizes the illegitimate state of Israel.
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Do you think COVID might have been a conspiracy designed to help the rich get richer while knocking China down?

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