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This is what ChatGPT has to say about conspiracy in Czechia:

Czechia, like many countries with a rich history and complex geopolitical dynamics, has been the subject of various conspiracy theories. Here are some speculative narratives that have emerged:

1. Political Manipulation and Secret Societies

  • Theory: Conspiracy theories about political manipulation and secret societies suggest that powerful elites, including politicians, business leaders, and intellectuals, conspire to control Czechia’s political landscape and shape national policies behind the scenes. These narratives often revolve around the idea of hidden agendas and covert actions taken by clandestine groups to maintain their influence and power.
  • Supporters: Anti-establishment activists, conspiracy theorists, political dissidents.

2. Historical Revisionism and National Identity

  • Theory: Some conspiracy theories focus on historical revisionism and the manipulation of national identity. These narratives may suggest that certain historical events have been distorted or suppressed by authorities to serve particular political or ideological agendas. Additionally, there may be speculation about foreign interference in shaping Czechia’s historical narrative to weaken national pride and unity.
  • Supporters: Nationalists, historical revisionists, conspiracy theorists.

3. EU Membership and Sovereignty

  • Theory: Conspiracy theories related to Czechia’s membership in the European Union (EU) often center on concerns about sovereignty and loss of control. Some narratives may suggest that EU institutions or foreign powers exert undue influence over Czechia’s domestic affairs, including economic policies, immigration, and cultural norms. There may also be speculation about secret agreements or hidden agendas aimed at further integrating Czechia into supranational entities.
  • Supporters: Eurosceptics, nationalist movements, conspiracy theorists.

4. Economic Manipulation and Corporate Interests

  • Theory: Conspiracy theories about economic manipulation and corporate interests focus on the idea that powerful multinational corporations and financial institutions control Czechia’s economy for their own benefit. These narratives often highlight concerns about inequality, exploitation of resources, and the erosion of workers’ rights. Additionally, there may be speculation about secret deals and backroom agreements between government officials and corporate leaders.
  • Supporters: Anti-capitalist activists, economic justice advocates, conspiracy theorists.


Czechia’s historical legacy, geopolitical position, and membership in the EU have made it a target for various conspiracy theories across different domains. As with any conspiracy theory, it’s essential to critically evaluate the evidence and consider multiple perspectives before drawing conclusions about Czechia.

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Wikipedia has an article about the May Conspiracy, “an unsuccessful attempt of radical democrats in the Czech lands to overthrow the government of Austrian Empire in May 1849.”

East vs West, or China vs The Jews

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BRI: Member of China’s belt and road initiative.
Home to no U.S. military bases.
Thumbs Down
NATO (joined in 1999)
Jewish Population (2020): 3,900 (Rank = 38)
Jewish Bankers: Belongs to the International Monetary Fund and/or the World Bank, making it a slave to the Jewish bankers.
Recognizes the illegitimate state of Israel.
One of 18 wacko countries where “Holocaust denial”—whatever that is—is illegal.
Czechia has 6 Jewish Holocaust memorials or museums.
Czechia observes Holocaust Remembrance Day, or its equivalent on January 27 .
GMO Whore

Do you think COVID might have been a conspiracy designed to help the rich get richer while knocking China down?

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