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Ranking by Size and Population: 15 / 34  Capital: Topeka


Origin of Name: From the Kansa tribe, meaning “people of the south wind.”
State Origin: Kansas Territory (part)
Statehood: January 29, 1861 (34th state)


Red State
Gubernatorial (Governor) Elections: Midterm election years (2022, 2026, etc.)
Lt. Gov: One of 45 states with a lieutenant governor, who is first in line of succession if the governor cannot fulfull his or her duties.
Legislature: “Legislature”  LowerHouse: “House of Representatives”
# Representatives: 125

Jewish Swastika Kansas vs The Jews

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No Jewish Holocaust Memorials:
Don’t forget to thank the Jewish Sackler family for America’s ever worsening opioid epidemic and the Jewish scumbag Eli Broad for his sleazy advocacy of charter schools, even recruiting thugs to help wreck public schools. The Jews also appear to be leading the charge against TikTok.
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Jewish Population (2020) and % of Population (with state rankings for both): 17,425 / 0.59% (27 / 29)
Homeless Population (Including state rankings for total homeless population and rate of homelessness): 2,397 (38 / 38)
Star of David Drug Overdose Death Rate / Opioid Death Rate (2021): 24.3 / 15.7 (Opioid Death Rate, State Ranking: 38)
Charter Schools: One of 45 states that have ushered in charter schools, which may be another Jewish conspiracy.
TikTok One of 39 states that restricted TikTok on government devices in some capacity as of March 12, 2024.
# Memorials to the American Genocide: 0.

This is what ChatGPT has to say about conspiracy in Kansas:

Kansas, with its central location in the United States and iconic cultural imagery, hasn’t been as frequently associated with conspiracy theories as some other states. However, there are still a few notable examples:

1. The Kansas City Shuffle

  • Theory: The "Kansas City Shuffle" is a term used to describe a complex confidence trick or deception, often involving misdirection or distraction. While not specific to Kansas, the term has been popularized in movies and literature, leading to speculation and intrigue about elaborate schemes and hidden motives.
  • Supporters: Fans of crime fiction, conspiracy enthusiasts, and individuals intrigued by psychological manipulation perpetuate theories about the Kansas City Shuffle and its application in real-life scenarios.

2. The Kansas UFO Flap

  • Theory: Like many states, Kansas has been the site of reported UFO sightings and encounters over the years. Some conspiracy theories suggest that extraterrestrial spacecraft visit the state, conducting surveillance or experiments, and that government agencies conceal evidence of these encounters.
  • Supporters: UFO enthusiasts, amateur astronomers, and individuals fascinated by the possibility of extraterrestrial life perpetuate theories about UFOs in Kansas and other regions.

3. The Wizard of Oz and Hidden Symbolism

  • Theory: L. Frank Baum’s classic novel "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz," set in the fictional Land of Oz but with references to Kansas, has been the subject of various interpretations and conspiracy theories about hidden symbolism and allegory. Some theories suggest that the story contains veiled political or social commentary.
  • Supporters: Literary scholars, fans of the book and film adaptations, and individuals interested in symbolism and interpretation explore theories about "The Wizard of Oz" and its potential deeper meanings.

4. Political Intrigue and Dorothy’s Dream

  • Theory: Building on the symbolism of "The Wizard of Oz," some conspiracy theories suggest that the story is an allegory for political and economic themes, with Kansas representing the heartland of America and Dorothy’s journey symbolizing the populist movement or other historical events.
  • Supporters: Historians, cultural critics, and individuals interested in political allegory perpetuate theories about the hidden meanings of "The Wizard of Oz" and its relevance to contemporary issues.


While Kansas may not have as many widely known conspiracy theories as some other states, its cultural significance, literary connections, and role in American history have led to speculation and interpretation over various issues, including political symbolism, extraterrestrial encounters, and psychological manipulation. As with any conspiracy theory, it’s essential to critically evaluate the evidence and consider multiple perspectives before drawing conclusions.

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