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Minnesota at a Glance

Ranking by Size and Population: 12 / 22  Capital: Saint Paul


Origin of Name: From the Dakota word Mnisota, meaning “clear blue water.”
State Origin: Minnesota Territory (part)
Statehood: May 11, 1858 (32nd state)


Gubernatorial (Governor) Elections: Midterm election years (2022, 2026, etc.)
Lt. Gov: One of 45 states with a lieutenant governor, who is first in line of succession if the governor cannot fulfull his or her duties.
Legislature: “Legislature”  LowerHouse: “House of Representatives”
# Representatives: 134

Jewish Swastika Minnesota vs The Jews

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TikTok One of 11 states that have not restricted TikTok as of March 12, 2024.
No Jewish Holocaust Memorials:
Don’t forget to thank the Jewish Sackler family for America’s ever worsening opioid epidemic and the Jewish scumbag Eli Broad for his sleazy advocacy of charter schools, even recruiting thugs to help wreck public schools. The Jews also appear to be leading the charge against TikTok.
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Jewish Population (2020) and % of Population (with state rankings for both): 65,900 / 1.15% (19 / 18)
Homeless Population (Including state rankings for total homeless population and rate of homelessness): 7,917 (18 / 19)
Star of David Drug Overdose Death Rate / Opioid Death Rate (2021): 24.5 / 17.9 (Opioid Death Rate, State Ranking: 35)
Charter Schools: One of 45 states that have ushered in charter schools, which may be another Jewish conspiracy.
# Memorials to the American Genocide: 0.

This is what ChatGPT has to say about conspiracy in Minnesota:

Minnesota, known for its natural beauty, cultural diversity, and progressive politics, hasn’t been as commonly associated with conspiracy theories as some other states. However, there are still a few notable examples:

1. The Minnesota Iceman

  • Theory: The Minnesota Iceman is a legendary creature purported to be a frozen hominid or Bigfoot-like creature discovered in the state in the 1960s. Conspiracy theories suggest that the creature’s existence was covered up by authorities or suppressed by scientific institutions to avoid scrutiny or public panic.
  • Supporters: Cryptozoologists, Bigfoot enthusiasts, and individuals interested in the paranormal perpetuate theories about the Minnesota Iceman and its potential implications for the study of unknown species.

2. The Minneapolis Skyway System and Secret Tunnels

  • Theory: Minneapolis’s extensive skyway system, which connects buildings downtown, has been the subject of speculation and intrigue about hidden tunnels, secret passages, and covert operations. Some theories suggest that the skyways conceal government facilities, corporate headquarters, or clandestine meeting places.
  • Supporters: Urban explorers, conspiracy theorists, and individuals fascinated by hidden infrastructure perpetuate theories about the Minneapolis skyway system and its potential connections to underground networks.

3. The Kensington Runestone and Norse Explorers

  • Theory: The Kensington Runestone, a controversial artifact discovered in Minnesota in the late 19th century, has been the subject of speculation and debate about its authenticity and origin. Some theories suggest that the runestone provides evidence of pre-Columbian Norse exploration of North America, challenging established historical narratives.
  • Supporters: Historians, archaeologists, and individuals interested in Norse history perpetuate theories about the Kensington Runestone and its potential implications for understanding early exploration of the Americas.

4. The Duluth Complex and Mineral Wealth

  • Theory: Minnesota’s Duluth Complex, a geological formation rich in copper, nickel, and other valuable minerals, has been the subject of speculation and intrigue about hidden wealth, corporate interests, and environmental concerns. Some theories suggest that mining companies or government agencies exploit the region for profit at the expense of local communities and ecosystems.
  • Supporters: Environmental activists, indigenous rights advocates, and individuals concerned about resource extraction perpetuate theories about the Duluth Complex and its impact on Minnesota’s economy and environment.


While Minnesota may not have as many widely known conspiracy theories as some other states, its natural resources, urban infrastructure, and historical artifacts have led to speculation and intrigue over various issues, including cryptids, underground networks, ancient exploration, and resource extraction. As with any conspiracy theory, it’s essential to critically evaluate the evidence and consider multiple perspectives before drawing conclusions.

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