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Oklahoma at a Glance

Ranking by Size and Population: 20 / 28  Capital: Oklahoma City


Origin of Name: From the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning “red people.”
State Origin: Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory
Statehood: November 16, 1907 (46th state)


Red State
Gubernatorial (Governor) Elections: Midterm election years (2022, 2026, etc.)
Lt. Gov: One of 45 states with a lieutenant governor, who is first in line of succession if the governor cannot fulfull his or her duties.
Legislature: “Legislature”  LowerHouse: “House of Representatives”
# Representatives: 101

Jewish Swastika Oklahoma vs The Jews

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One of nine states with a Jewish population less than 5,000.
Don’t forget to thank the Jewish Sackler family for America’s ever worsening opioid epidemic and the Jewish scumbag Eli Broad for his sleazy advocacy of charter schools, even recruiting thugs to help wreck public schools. The Jews also appear to be leading the charge against TikTok.
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Jewish Population (2020) and % of Population (with state rankings for both): 4,425 / 0.11% (42 / 46)
Homeless Population (Including state rankings for total homeless population and rate of homelessness): 3,754 (29 / 31)
Star of David Drug Overdose Death Rate / Opioid Death Rate (2021): 24.4 / 12.1 (Opioid Death Rate, State Ranking: 43)
Charter Schools: One of 45 states that have ushered in charter schools, which may be another Jewish conspiracy.
TikTok One of 39 states that restricted TikTok on government devices in some capacity as of March 12, 2024.
# Jewish Holocaust Memorials: 1
# Memorials to the American Genocide: 0.

This is what ChatGPT has to say about conspiracy in Oklahoma:

Oklahoma, situated in the heartland of the United States, has its share of intriguing stories and conspiracy theories:

1. The Oklahoma City Bombing

  • Theory: The Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995, remains one of the deadliest domestic terrorist attacks in U.S. history. While Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were convicted for the bombing, some conspiracy theories suggest that there may have been additional accomplices or government involvement beyond what was officially acknowledged.
  • Supporters: Conspiracy theorists, activists, and individuals critical of the official narrative perpetuate theories about the Oklahoma City bombing and potential conspiracies surrounding the event.

2. The Tulsa Race Massacre

  • Theory: The Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, in which a white mob attacked the prosperous African American neighborhood of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma, resulting in hundreds of deaths and the destruction of homes and businesses, has long been shrouded in controversy. Some conspiracy theories suggest that the massacre was part of a larger conspiracy to suppress African American economic and social progress.
  • Supporters: Historians, civil rights activists, and individuals interested in racial justice perpetuate theories about the Tulsa Race Massacre and its historical significance.

3. The Guthrie Ghost Stories

  • Theory: Guthrie, Oklahoma, known for its historic buildings and colorful past, has its share of ghost stories and paranormal legends. Some conspiracy theories suggest that the town’s haunted reputation is the result of hidden secrets, tragic events, or unresolved mysteries from its past.
  • Supporters: Ghost hunters, paranormal enthusiasts, and individuals fascinated by the supernatural perpetuate theories about the Guthrie ghost stories and the town’s alleged hauntings.

4. The Pawnee UFO Incident

  • Theory: In 1965, near Pawnee, Oklahoma, police officer Lonnie Zamora reported witnessing a UFO landing and encountering strange beings. While the incident is officially classified as an unidentified flying object (UFO) sighting, some conspiracy theories suggest that the government may have suppressed evidence or conducted a cover-up to conceal the true nature of the event.
  • Supporters: UFO enthusiasts, conspiracy theorists, and individuals interested in extraterrestrial phenomena perpetuate theories about the Pawnee UFO incident and government secrecy.


From tragic historical events to paranormal encounters, Oklahoma has inspired a variety of conspiracy theories and urban legends. As with any conspiracy theory, it’s essential to critically evaluate the evidence and consider multiple perspectives before drawing conclusions.

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