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Ranking by Size and Population: 2 / 2  Capital: Austin


Origin of Name: From the Caddo word taysha, meaning “friends” or “allies.”
State Origin: Te annexation of the Republic of Texas.
Statehood: December 29, 1845 (28th state)


Red State
Gubernatorial (Governor) Elections: Midterm election years (2022, 2026, etc.)
Lt. Gov: One of 45 states with a lieutenant governor, who is first in line of succession if the governor cannot fulfull his or her duties.
Legislature: “Legislature”  LowerHouse: “House of Representatives”
# Representatives: 150

Jewish Swastika Texas vs The Jews

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Don’t forget to thank the Jewish Sackler family for America’s ever worsening opioid epidemic and the Jewish scumbag Eli Broad for his sleazy advocacy of charter schools, even recruiting thugs to help wreck public schools. The Jews also appear to be leading the charge against TikTok.
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Jewish Population (2020) and % of Population (with state rankings for both): 176,000 / 0.60% (9 / 27)
Homeless Population (Including state rankings for total homeless population and rate of homelessness): 24,432 (5 / 36)
Star of David Drug Overdose Death Rate / Opioid Death Rate (2021): 16.8 / 9.4 (Opioid Death Rate, State Ranking: 46)
Charter Schools: One of 45 states that have ushered in charter schools, which may be another Jewish conspiracy.
TikTok One of 39 states that restricted TikTok on government devices in some capacity as of March 12, 2024.
# Jewish Holocaust Memorials: 5
# Memorials to the American Genocide: 0.

This is what ChatGPT has to say about conspiracy in Texas:

Texas has been the center of numerous conspiracies and mysterious events. Here are some notable ones:

  1. JFK Assassination:

    • Multiple Gunmen: One of the most enduring conspiracy theories is that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, by multiple gunmen, not just Lee Harvey Oswald. Theories range from involvement by the CIA, the Mafia, or even Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. The Warren Commission concluded Oswald acted alone, but skepticism remains widespread .
  2. Waco Siege:

    • Government Overreach: In 1993, a standoff between the FBI and the Branch Davidians, a religious group led by David Koresh, ended in a deadly fire at the group’s compound near Waco, Texas. Conspiracy theories suggest that the government intentionally started the fire or mishandled the situation to justify increased federal law enforcement powers .
  3. Chemtrails:

    • Weather Manipulation: Some Texans believe that contrails left by airplanes are actually chemical or biological agents sprayed by the government for purposes such as weather manipulation, population control, or mind control. Despite scientific explanations that these trails are simply water vapor, the conspiracy theory persists .
  4. Alien Encounters:

    • Aurora, Texas UFO Incident: In 1897, a UFO allegedly crashed in Aurora, Texas, with reports claiming that a deceased alien pilot was found. The incident has been compared to the Roswell UFO incident and continues to be a topic of speculation and UFO folklore .
  5. Bigfoot Sightings:

    • Cryptid in the Woods: Reports of Bigfoot sightings in the dense forests of East Texas have fueled conspiracy theories about the existence of this elusive creature. Enthusiasts believe that the government or other entities are hiding evidence of Bigfoot’s existence .
  6. Texas City Explosion:

    • 1947 Disaster: The Texas City disaster in 1947, one of the worst industrial accidents in U.S. history, involved a ship carrying ammonium nitrate that exploded. Some conspiracy theorists suggest sabotage or cover-up by authorities regarding the true cause of the explosion .
  7. Dallas Illuminati Headquarters:

    • The Eye of Providence: The triangular design of the Dallas Renaissance Tower has led to speculation that it is a headquarters for the Illuminati, a secret society purported to control global events. The building’s design, featuring a prominent "eye" shape, feeds into the conspiracy .
  8. Jade Helm 15:

    • Martial Law Fears: In 2015, a military training exercise called Jade Helm 15 took place across several southwestern states, including Texas. Some conspiracy theorists believed it was a cover for the imposition of martial law and the establishment of internment camps. The exercise concluded without incident, but the theories remain a topic of discussion .

These conspiracies illustrate the range of historical events, government mistrust, and paranormal activities that capture the imagination of Texans and contribute to the state’s rich tapestry of folklore and intrigue.

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