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Ranking by Size and Population: 18 / 13  Capital: Olympia


Origin of Name:
State Origin: Washington Territory
Statehood: November 11, 1889 (42nd state)


Blue State
Gubernatorial (Governor) Elections: Presidential election years (2024, 2028, etc.)
Lt. Gov: One of 45 states with a lieutenant governor, who is first in line of succession if the governor cannot fulfull his or her duties.
Legislature: “Legislature”  LowerHouse: “House of Representatives”
# Representatives: 98

Jewish Swastika Washington vs The Jews

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TikTok One of 11 states that have not restricted TikTok as of March 12, 2024.
Don’t forget to thank the Jewish Sackler family for America’s ever worsening opioid epidemic and the Jewish scumbag Eli Broad for his sleazy advocacy of charter schools, even recruiting thugs to help wreck public schools. The Jews also appear to be leading the charge against TikTok.
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Jewish Population (2020) and % of Population (with state rankings for both): 73,350 / 0.95% (18 / 22)
Homeless Population (Including state rankings for total homeless population and rate of homelessness): 25,211 (4 / 6)
Star of David Drug Overdose Death Rate / Opioid Death Rate (2021): 28.1 / 20.5 (Opioid Death Rate, State Ranking: 31)
Charter Schools: One of 45 states that have ushered in charter schools, which may be another Jewish conspiracy.
# Jewish Holocaust Memorials: 1
# Memorials to the American Genocide: 0.

This is what ChatGPT has to say about conspiracy in Washington:

Washington State, with its diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and significant historical events, has been the subject of various conspiracy theories over the years. Here are some famous ones:

1. Seattle Space Needle and the 1962 World’s Fair

  • Theory: Some conspiracy theorists suggest that the Seattle Space Needle, built for the 1962 World’s Fair, has hidden meanings or symbols encoded in its design, potentially linked to secret societies or extraterrestrial contact.
  • Supporters: UFO enthusiasts, esoteric researchers, and individuals intrigued by symbolism and architecture have speculated about hidden messages in the Space Needle’s structure.

2. Mount Rainier and UFO Sightings

  • Theory: Mount Rainier, the iconic peak in Washington State, has been the site of numerous UFO sightings and encounters, most famously the 1947 sighting by pilot Kenneth Arnold, which popularized the term "flying saucer."
  • Supporters: UFO researchers, conspiracy theorists, and individuals interested in extraterrestrial phenomena point to Mount Rainier as a hotspot for unexplained aerial phenomena and potential government cover-ups.

3. Bohemian Grove and Elite Gatherings

  • Theory: Some conspiracy theories suggest that the annual gatherings at Bohemian Grove, a private club in Monte Rio, California, attended by influential politicians, businessmen, and celebrities, involve occult rituals, secret ceremonies, and clandestine discussions of global affairs.
  • Supporters: Critics of elitism, government secrecy, and corporate influence raise concerns about the secretive nature of Bohemian Grove gatherings and their potential implications for democracy and transparency.

4. Grays Harbor and Deep State Operations

  • Theory: Grays Harbor, a coastal region in Washington State, has been the subject of conspiracy theories alleging the presence of secret government facilities, underground bases, or covert operations conducted by the "deep state."
  • Supporters: Conspiracy theorists, alternative media outlets, and individuals skeptical of government activities point to Grays Harbor’s remote location and historical significance as potential sites for hidden operations.

5. Washington State Ferry System and Underground Tunnels

  • Theory: Some conspiracy theories suggest that the Washington State Ferry System, which operates the largest ferry fleet in the United States, is connected to a network of underground tunnels used for clandestine purposes, including transportation of goods or personnel.
  • Supporters: Speculation about underground tunnels and secret passages beneath major cities like Seattle has fueled conspiracy theories about government secrecy, military operations, and covert logistics.


Washington State’s rich history, iconic landmarks, and influential institutions have inspired various conspiracy theories ranging from government secrecy to extraterrestrial encounters. While some theories are rooted in genuine concerns about transparency and accountability, others remain speculative or lack credible evidence. As with any conspiracy theory, critical thinking and skepticism are essential when evaluating claims about Washington State or any other topic.

My Analysis ˆ

Mad Skeptic

Is that it? (And what does the Bohemian Grove have to do with WASHINGTON???) Pardon the arrogance, but I’m a far more credible authority on conspiracy in Washington State than ChatGTP ever could be. I’ve lived in Seattle—one of the world’s most corrupt (and conspiratorial) cities—for far longer than I care to admit.

I worked for the Seattle School District for 16 years. I was working for the district at the very time the Jewish billionaire Eli Broad recruited a gang of thugs to fuck up Seattle’s public schools. I was a teacher in 1995 when the derelict retired general John Stanford blew into town to begin his reign of terror as Seattle Schools’ superintendent.

By some amazing coincidence, that was the very year I had my political awakening. I quickly transformed into a whistle-blower and political activist, even running for both local and state office ten times. During this period my computer was hacked, apparently by a Jew who was associated with Bill Gates. I was physically assaulted and almost killed one night. I’ve also been widely lied to, lied about, insulted, demonized, and threatened, including death threats. I understand conspiracy far better than the armchair propagandists who blow hot air from their ivory towers.

So, what are some of the more notable conspiracies associated with Washington State?

There are plenty of conspiracy theories swirling around the nuclear waste dump at Hanford, often described as the most polluted site in America. From nuclear weapons it was a short jump to nuclear power, leading to the Washington Power Supply System (WPPSS) scandal, which was the largest municipal bond default in U.S. history at the time.

Washington has probably never had a respectable governor in modern history, but none were stranger than Dixie Lee Ray, a female marine biologist who got elected in 1977 and promptly sold out women and the environment both. What powerful forces recruited her and installed her in office?

In January 1995, Donna Perez told her foster father, Detective Robert Perez, that she had been sexually molested. Perez launched an investigation and discovered a sex ring that preyed on children. In 1994-1995, 43 adults were charged, including a pastor and his wife.

However, the case began unraveling, and all the accused were eventually acquitted. However, the “Wenatchee Witch Hunt,” as it was called, took a terrible toll, and its victims got amazingly little support from either the government or the community. You might say they were hung out to rot.

In 2014, 43 residents of Oslo were killed by what may be the deadliest landslide in U.S. history. There was a known risk of landslides, and it was further suspected that logging may have been a contributing factor. I think I recall reading an article that said a judge wouldn’t allow victims who sued for damages to cite logging as a factor. However, I can’t find any record of it now.

Washington State’s biggest city and seat of power is Seattle, which is Conspiracy Central.

In 1988, a Seattle judge named Gary Little committed suicide, taking a lot of secrets with him to his grave. Little was a gay pedophile who served as the Seattle School District’s first general counsel before becoming a judge who “specialized” in helping teen delinquents. He apparently had very powerful friends who were grooming him for bigger things.

Little was also protected by Seattle’s media whores. Eventually, the Seattle P-I exposed him, prompting him to commit suicide. Regrettably, I still haven’t researched Little in depth; I think he’s one of the key players in Seattle’s slimy history.

In the mid-1990s, there was a particularly juicy conspiracy theory that was making Seattle’s elite uncomfortable. According to Seattle Water Department employee Kurt Hettiger,

“Mayor Norman B. Rice was shot. Shot while performing oral sex on Deputy Mayor Bob Watt, at the Mayor’s home in Leschi. The mayor was shot by a person very, very close to him.”

Mike Siegel pursued the story vigorously on his talk show on Seattle station KVI. In fact, he wouldn’t drop it and was eventually fired.

The incident prompted Seattle media whore Joann Byrd to write an article titled “We Don’t Do Rumors: But Sometimes, It Might Not Hurt.” In her article she quotes a fellow media whore, Seattle Post-Intelligencer managing editor Kenneth Bunting:

“To believe the incident as Hettiger had detailed it, one had to also believe that the police department, the fire department, emergency transport drivers, the hospital and the media had all engaged in an elaborate conspiracy to cover it up.”

A few years later, the Seattle Times published a brief blurb stating that Seattle Schools Superintendent John Stanford, who had been diagnosed with leukemia, had slipped out of his room without permission and gone outside to get a breath of fresh air.

The next day, a radically different story appeared. (As far as I know, the initial blurb was never explained or formally retracted.) According to the new version, Stanford decided he wanted to go home and see his wife. So he left the hospital clad only in a gown and towing an IV tray. Stanford, who was allegedly lucid, proceeded to walk through Seattle almost naked.

When the police first saw him, they allegedly thought he was a thief, a preposterous claim What kind of thief would sneak into a hospital, steal an IV tray, then don a hospital gown and push it along a public sidewalk?

Anyway, the John Stanford conspiracy involved a hospital, the police department, the media, and the school district, leaving Bunting and Byrd with egg on their faces.

After Gary Little and Norm Rice, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise for Seattle to elect a gay pedophile as mayor. Though never convicted, those were the accusations thrown at Edward Murray, whose accusers included one of his cousins. Murray resigned.

The Garfield High School Conspiracy is truly amazing, but I don’t want to turn this into a book, so I’ll save it for later.

Seattle was long ruled by Boeing, a sleazy corporation that fits in nicely with Seattle’s army of pedophiles. In 2019, two brand new 737 Max planes built by Boeing were lost in almost identical accidents that cost 346 lives. The cause was flawed flight control software, details of which Boeing was accused of deliberately concealing from regulators.

Perhaps taking a cue from Joe Biden, Boeing seems determined to dig its grave deeper. Of course, that’s assuming the two whistle-blowers who died under mysterious circumstances were assassinated at the request of Boeing. It’s possible the nature and timing of their deaths were just amazing coincidences.

Like Boeing, Bill Gates fled his home town after he trashed it. The ultimate victim of silver-spoon-syndrome, Gates attended the exclusive Lakeside School for Boys (where the pedophile Gary Little taught) before attending Harvard. He reportedly dropped out of Harvard in 1975, though there’s evidence that he dropped out before he could be expelled. Gates then co-founded Microsoft with another Seattle slime bag, Paul Allen, and the Gates Foundation with his father, who was also a founding partner of the law firm Preston Gates & Ellis.

Between Mickeysoft, the Gates Foundation’s tax-subsidized headquarters, the legal firm’s association with the disgraced Jewish lobbyist Jack Abramoff, and Bill Gates’ love affair with charter schools and genetically modified food . . . well, let’s just say that merely listing all the conspiracies associated with Bill Gates, Inc. would be an overwhelming task. While some have dubbed him a “controligarch,” I just call him a global asshole.

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