French Guiana

French Guiana Flag French Guiana Coat of Arms
Flag (Unofficial) and Coat of Arms (Arms: By Henriquebachelor - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, link.)

French Guiana, with its unique geopolitical status and diverse population, has been the subject of various conspiracy theories over the years. Here are some of the most notable ones:

1. Space Center and Strategic Importance

  • Theory: French Guiana is home to the Guiana Space Centre, Europe’s primary spaceport for launching satellites and other space missions. Conspiracy theories suggest that the space center’s location in French Guiana is not merely due to geographical advantages but also because of its strategic significance for geopolitical and military purposes, including surveillance, reconnaissance, and missile defense capabilities.
  • Supporters: Geopolitical analysts, military experts, and conspiracy theorists.

2. Resource Exploitation and Environmental Concerns

  • Theory: French Guiana’s rich biodiversity and natural resources, including gold, timber, and minerals, have led to conspiracy theories about environmental exploitation and corporate interests. Some allege that multinational corporations, in collaboration with government officials, engage in ecologically destructive practices, including deforestation, pollution, and illegal mining, to extract resources for profit.
  • Supporters: Environmental activists, indigenous rights advocates, and conspiracy theorists.

3. Geopolitical Maneuvering and Sovereignty

  • Theory: French Guiana’s status as an overseas department of France has led to conspiracy theories about geopolitical maneuvering and sovereignty disputes. Some allege that foreign governments or international organizations seek to exploit tensions between France and neighboring countries, such as Brazil and Suriname, to assert control over French Guiana’s territory, resources, or strategic assets.
  • Supporters: Nationalists, sovereignty advocates, and conspiracy theorists.

4. Social Inequality and Economic Marginalization

  • Theory: French Guiana’s diverse population, including indigenous peoples, descendants of African slaves, and immigrants from neighboring countries, face social inequality and economic marginalization. Conspiracy theories often revolve around suspicions of government neglect, institutional discrimination, and corporate exploitation, perpetuating poverty, crime, and social unrest in the region.
  • Supporters: Social justice activists, community organizers, and conspiracy theorists.

5. Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Indigenous Rights

  • Theory: French Guiana’s indigenous communities, such as the Kalina, Wayana, and Palikur, have long struggled for recognition of their land rights and cultural heritage. Conspiracy theories suggest that government policies, multinational corporations, and international interests conspire to undermine indigenous rights, exploit ancestral territories, and erase indigenous identity for economic gain.
  • Supporters: Indigenous rights activists, cultural preservationists, and conspiracy theorists.


While French Guiana may not be as frequently associated with high-profile conspiracy theories as some other regions, it is not immune to controversies and speculative narratives. As with any conspiracy theory, it is essential to critically evaluate the evidence and consider multiple perspectives before drawing conclusions about French Guiana’s affairs.

East vs West, or China vs The Jews

Thumbs Up
Home to no U.S. military bases.
Not one of the 18 wacko countries where “Holocaust denial”—whatever that is—is illegal.
Not one of the 50 countries with a Jewish Holocaust museum or memorial.
French Guiana is not among the three dozen countries that recognize a Holocaust Remembrance Day.
Thumbs Down
BRI: Not a member of China’s belt and road initiative.
Jewish Population (2020): 0

Jewish Bankers: Belongs to the International Monetary Fund and/or the World Bank, making it a slave to the Jewish bankers.
Recognizes the illegitimate state of Israel.
GMO Whore

Do you think COVID might have been a conspiracy designed to help the rich get richer while knocking China down?

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